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Noma plant based restaurant denmark copenhagen
How Does A Meat-Free Shawarma By Michelin Chef René Redzepi Sound?

Noma has been all about delving into unchartered culinary territory ever since it opened in 2003. Founded by Chef René Redzepi, who was then a 25-year-old alumnus of El Bulli and The French Laundry, the restaurant would go on to win two Michelin stars, be voted the best restaurant in…

Trèsind Dubai Indian Restaurant food
Top Eight Reasons We Love the Indian Food at Trèsind in Dubai

One of Dubai’s greatest low profile culinary gems dares to modernise traditional Indian cuisine with flavour-bursting food that is creatively prepared and imaginatively executed. 1 We love an insider’s secret and Trèsind has all the halmarks of one, as it’s neither pretentious nor contrived and it’s hidden away in plain sight…

Snøhetta underwater restaurant norway
Under is Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant and it Just Opened

Going with the name Under, which also means “wonder” in Norwegian, this is Europe’s first subaquatic restaurant and it finally opened its doors near Båly, a village on the south coast of Norway. It was designed by the architecture firm Snøhetta (who gained international acclaim for their work on the…

Gaia Dubai
Gaia Dubai is Like a Big Fat Greek Wedding Feast for Worldly Refined Palates

Dubai is notorious for its pulsating dining scene, and the recently opened Gaia in DIFC is one more extraordinary place to indulge in gastronomical pleasure. It’s the latest brainchild of homegrown chef Izu Ani, serving up Greek-Mediterranean fusion cuisine in a slick, neo-classical setting of muted colours, smooth concrete greys,…

Fugu Japan Japanese Cuisine Pufferfish
Japan’s Most Curious Culinary Delight is a Hell Of A Rush

Let’s start by setting the scene. You’re in Japan and in front of you is a plate of carefully cut sashimi, laced with all the trimmings: soy sauce, chilli, the works. It looks fairly innocent, right? Wrong, this is a deadly delicacy. The fish in question is fugu and it’s…

Sushi Nakazawa NYC New York City Restaurants
Date-Nights Will Never Be The Same After a Meal at NYC’s Sushi Nakazawa

Barring the remote chance you actually find room for two at the ten-seat triple-Michelin starred Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo, the second best sushi meal in the world can be had in the West Village of NYC at Sushi Nakazawa. Sushi Master Daisuke Nakazawa, actually spent 11 years at Jiro, working…

La Petite Maison
This is La Petite Maison’s Secret Recipe for Success

We’ve loved La Petite Maison ever sinced it opened in Nice in the late 1980s. But now that it’s becoming a global force to be recokoned with, we thought it time to salute the magic of LPM and also investigate the truth behind its rapid expansion. These days, you’ll be…