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Editor’s Pick

Bandit9 is Expanding from Custom Bikes to Four-Wheel Lightweight EVs

Vehicle manufacturers don’t tend to come from emerging markets but then again Bandit9 is no ordinary company. Based out of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, they’ve been customising motorcycles for years but now they’re trying their hand at EVs too, and boy is their first effort – the Monaco –…

Breitling Has Boldly Reimagined their Super Popular Navitimer

There’s no denying Breitling is in a good place these days. Sales have been growing exponentially since the European private equity firm CVC Capital Partners acquired it from the Schneider family in 2017, placing it in the hands of industry veteran Georges Kern (who was, of course, previously the CEO…

Star Aligned: These Guys Made an Observation Station for Novices

The Vespera by Vaonis has been hailed as an ideal blend of telescope and camera. What it is though is the smallest telescope in the world, and one of the smartest you’ll come across too. Then again it better be as there’s no traditional eyepiece. Instead, you have to link…

Airbus Got a French Graffiti Artist to Give its Upcoming TwoTwenty a Makeover

Airbus’ ACJ TwoTwenty is a gamechanger in the business jet segment. Based on the successful A220 airliner, which was itself designed by Bombardier to be their C-Series (a division that was acquired by Airbus in 2018), the TwoTwenty has an airliner-sized cross-section but is only the size of a large…

Burberry Launches a Hot New Lean, Mean, Green Power Machine

As part of its B Series, an ever-expanding collection of special edition items by creative director Riccardo Tisci, the English fashion house of Burberry collaborated with French motorcycle manufacturer DAB Motors to create a set of top-shelf electric motorcycles for a limited number of trend-minded customers. You can choose between…

Seven Reasons Why You Need To Go and Check Out Sophie Bille Brahe Jewellery

1. This 41-year-old Copenhagen-based jeweller started her eponymous brand ten years ago and it’s now widely considered as a driving force behind Denmark’s new design era. 2. Bille Brahe creates jewellery with a philosophy of paring back rather than ostentation or bling. It’s classicism with a twist, and she has…