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How Hyperloop is About to Revolutionize the Way We Travel

The idea for Hyperloop began in 2012, when Elon Musk revealed his vision of a super-fast train that could overcome friction by levitating above its track on air-bearings in an enclosed low-pressure tube. But, rather than develop it himself, the visionary entrepreneur decided to subsequently share its details via an…

These Are the Six Reasons BBJ MAX 7 is The Ultimate Private Jet

The single greatest private jet in terms of space, range and residual value just got better with the addition of cleaner engines and fuel saving winglets. Hats off then to the new Boeing Business Jet Max 7. 1 The BBJ Max 7 is a narrow body private jet based on Boeing’s…

airlines luxury beds
The World’s 4 Best Beds in the Sky

1. Qatar Airways Business Class Qatar Airways has upped its game with the launch of Qsuites, offering tailorable configurations for business class travellers thanks to centre partitions that can be removed by the cabin crew. We like the idea of the airborne “family room” that seats up to four people,…

Celia Sawyer British designer private jet Arab commissioned
Celia Sawyer Designs a Breathtaking Airbus A340 for an Arab Client

When it comes to outrageous places to take a nap, there can be few with more of a “wow” factor than the spectacular stateroom aboard this private Airbus A340. The plane, which belongs to an undisclosed Middle Eastern royal, was designed by Celia Sawyer, an English interior designer, who once…

Singapore Airlines Hotel room sky luxury comfort relaxation
Singapore Airlines New Suites are Hotel Rooms in the Sky

If you’re looking for the best double beds in the sky then look no further than Singapore Airlines. Following last year’s major cabin overhaul, the airline’s new suites feature beds that lie perpendicular to the windows, and walls that can come down should you desire a king-sized hotel room in…

Dubai Drone Taxi driverless
Dubai is Preparing to Launch Electric Driverless Drone Taxis

Dubai has announced plans to become the first city in the world with a fleet of flying taxis, and it has even signed a deal with a German aviation company called Volocopter, for the supply of electrically powered driverless drones that can carry two passengers by way of18 rotors and…