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Las Vegas Cosmopolitan hotel
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Ditches Human Concierges for Some Sassy AI

These days so much of our communication is done on a keyboard whether by email, Twitter or Whatsapp that we often get confused as to why someone is calling us when they could just text. Well now The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has taken heed of this phenomenon by becoming the…

Sushi Nakazawa NYC New York City Restaurants
Date-Nights Will Never Be The Same After a Meal at NYC’s Sushi Nakazawa

Barring the remote chance you actually find room for two at the ten-seat triple-Michelin starred Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo, the second best sushi meal in the world can be had in the West Village of NYC at Sushi Nakazawa. Sushi Master Daisuke Nakazawa, actually spent 11 years at Jiro, working…

Is Eco-Travel an Oxymoron? 1Hotels and Air France Say Not

Switching to LED lights in our homes, recycling cans, plastics and bottles and bringing our own reusable bags to the supermarket are some of the things most of us can now check on our list of ways in which we reduce our impact on the environment. But what else should…