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Gentle Monster huawei
These Glasses By Huawei x Gentle Monster Might Make Airpods Obsolete

Following in the footsteps of Bose who earlier this year released their first smart sunglasses, Huawei has come out with their own integrated-electronics sunglasses, which also boast a built-in mic and speakers. But they went further than Bose by developing a whole eyewear collection, in collaboration with a Korean fashion…

Hi-Power Cycles Made All-Terrain E-bike
Hi-Power Cycles Made an All-Terrain E-bike That Will Blow Your Mind

Unlike other e-bike manufacturers, LA-based Hi-Power Cycles don’t throw together pre-fab parts. Instead, they almost entirely craft their bicycles in-house, and in the case of their latest product, no cost was spared in its production process. Named the Revolution X, it took a team of aerospace engineers, including a former…