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LVMH Has Again Turned to Frank Gehry, This Time For a Limited-Edition Bottle

In the world of cognac, there’s Hennessy, and then there’s everything else. That’s because the French distillery – which is now a key component of the LVMH conglomerate – sells approximately 50 million bottles of the stuff every year. In percentage terms that means that Hennessy constitutes roughly 50 per…

Six Reasons Why We Love Bottega Veneta’s Chain Casette Handbag

1. Daniel Lee only made his runway debut for Bottega Veneta a year and a half ago but in that time he has reimagined the house codes and launched a bunch of sought-after bags like the Pouch, Arco, Daisey, Snap and Casette. 2. What makes the Casette so cool is…

Telling the Time Backwards: A Cool New Watch for the Arab World

Let’s put aside the fact that Hublot makes a looooot of special editions because this one’s much more than just ‘another’ limited Classic Fusion. For starters, it took five years to develop. It also features Eastern Arabic numerals (on a sunburst grey dial). And finally, it has a custom-designed mechanical…

Quest Oculus headset VR virtual reality
Escape From Quarantine With Oculus’ Newest VR Headset

The 400 USD Quest is Oculus’ (aka Facebook’s) fourth consumer VR headset and it’s the one you’re going to want to own. It was released in May and like the slightly older Go unit, it’s a standalone design that doesn’t need to be connected to a phone or a PC.…

Ironic by Oswalds Mill Audio OMA
Feast Your Eyes and Ears on OMA’s Obsessively Well-Crafted Speakers

Made neither from wood, nor housed within an enclosure, Ironic by Oswalds Mills Audio is a mind-blowing set of speakers that look as spectacular as they sound. Considering music can potentially alter your state of consciousness and even change your brain chemistry, it’s not surprising Oswalds Mill Audio founder Jonathan…

Our List Of The Ultimate 2020 Accessories for Women is Here

The winter season calls for sumptuous materials, elegant shades and just the right amount of sparkle. cover photo by Celya Bendjenad Left to right: Dior x Rimowa cabin bag in matte black, 3,450 USD – Snake Strich belt in teal by Okhtein, 185 USD – Stola The Gift of Kings…