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BBJ 777X
Boeing's Largest and Most Luxurious Business Jet is the First that Can Connect Any Two Cities Nonstop
December 15, 2019 Kevin Hackett

Besides being ridiculously spacious and fully customizable, BBJ 777X is the first business jetliner to be able to connect any two cities in the world nonstop.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare half billion dollars that you don’t know what to do with, perhaps the world’s ultimate private aeroplane would make a worthwhile distraction, especially if the old LearJet is starting to feel a bit snug.

Revealed in Dubai in December 2018, Boeing Business Jets’ BBJ 777X can fly further in a single journey than any other business aircraft and two models are available: the 442.8 million USD, 21,570km-range 777-8 and the 453.6 million USD 777-9, which offers more interior space (342.7sqm, if you’re curious) but a slightly reduced range potential of 20,370km, which is still more than enough to get you from Dubai to Hong Kong and back, without refuelling.

Those impressive numbers are the result of not being hampered by traditional cabin arrangements – ditching hundreds of seats makes the planes much lighter and, fortuitously, opens up almost unlimited options for interior space design. The prices mentioned above don’t include interiors, however, which could easily add another 150 million USD to your invoice.

Your imagination can run riot here, with practically the only limitation being no baths or jacuzzis, although shower rooms would be perfectly fine. Is there a downside? Well, the planes are based on Boeing’s ill-fated 737 Max, so perhaps just make sure yours is supplied with those new software upgrades.