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Custom-Made Body Armour Costumes Real-Life Superhero Iron Man
These Custom-Made Body Armour Costumes Are Fit For A Real-Life Superhero
October 25, 2018 Nicolas Shammas

Have you ever wanted to be Iron Man? Perhaps you’ve simply longed to win a best costume prize at a Halloween party? Well, either way, you’d do well to check out Not only can you score a 2,700 USD Mark 43 Iron Man suit from them (as shown here), you can also get your hands on their most sophisticated product yet: Tony Stark’s Mark 47 armour – yup, the one that appeared in the 2017 blockbuster ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’. (In case you’re not sure, the easiest way to tell a Mark 47 is by the fact it contains more silver than red and gold, with the silver parts beginning on the abdomen and extending to the upper legs.)

The attention that the company founder James Wang and his team of designers, engineers and craftsmen devote to even the minutest detail of these suits is mind-blowing and then there’s the fact each one is made to order and custom fabricated to your exact size. What’s more, no two suits are ever alike, as there are so many optional add-ons, including a voice-changer, height-increasing shoe lifts, a motorised face plate and eye lights. So, if you really can’t face the idea of compromising for the sake of economising, then go for the full spec model but it’ll cost you 7,000 USD. And even if that’s ok, you’ll still need to be patient, as orders can take as long as six months to deliver. But there is some good news and it’s that if you quote Bespoke magazine when you make your order, you will get a three per cent discount. Hey, every little bit helps, right?