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Star Aligned: These Guys Made an Observation Station for Novices
May 19, 2022 admin

The Vespera by Vaonis has been hailed as an ideal blend of telescope and camera. What it is though is the smallest telescope in the world, and one of the smartest you’ll come across too. Then again it better be as there’s no traditional eyepiece. Instead, you have to link it to your smartphone or tablet, and from there it guides you to the most interesting parts of the night sky. Alternatively, you can tell it which stars, planets, moons, nebulae or galaxies you’re in the mood to gaze at, and the telescope will find them and even photograph them. Either way, you can share the images with your friends or post them on social media. And the fact the $2,500 USD Vespera is equipped with an Apochromatic Quadruplet lens for minimal distortion and a two-megapixel Sony IMX462 sensor that’s built for low-light applications means your footage is guaranteed to wow. It’s available for pre-order right now with deliveries pledged to begin in June.