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Nada Ghazal's Unique Approach Has Helped Shape the Evolution of the Arab Jewellery Market
December 14, 2020 Nicolas Shammas

It’s official, Nada G. has rebranded as Nada Ghazal Fine Jewelry. “As a young marque, the name ‘Nada G’ served us well locally,” explains 48-year-old Ghazal, “it was edgy and young, just like the brand. But now we cater to a much larger client base, with different personas and a wider age range, so our jewellery has naturally become more refined and distinct than when we started.”

This evolution has seen what was once a small ‘Made in Lebanon’ brand gain a global reach with distribution in the US (Roseark in West Hollywood, Broken English in NYC, Aleph Gallery in Newport Beach, Sabbia in Chicago), the UK (Dover Street Market in London) and everywhere in between thanks to the power of e-commerce (Moda Operandi and others). It has also, as Ghazal admits, seen her designs gain a certain maturity, becoming more sculpted, design focused and refined. Yet, Ghazal’s original bold edginess has remained intact, and she is as steadfast as ever to her philosophy of organic shapes, matte finishes and an almost abstract approach to settings.

“When I started my journey in 2003, the local jewellery scene was very classical, comprising two main segments: magnificent jewellery sets made by renowned houses on the one hand, and mass non-branded designs on the other,” she explains. “I realised that there was a large segment of women who, like me, were searching for something more authentic and individualistic; something that represents them and connected with them on a more personal level, but could also be timeless. That was the path that Nada Ghazal Fine Jewelry took as a brand.”

And what a path it has been. When we ask her what lessons she has learnt over these 17 years, she reveals that more than anything, it’s to be authentic. “Trends come and go but authenticity is timeless. I would tell any designer wanting to establish a name for themselves that they must learn to trust their instincts when it comes to design and innovation. Never fear being an avant-gardist for it’s better to lead than follow.”