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Souq, noon, e-commerce
The Battle For E-Commerce Domination in the Middle East Is On

The Middle East may have been late to join the e-commerce party but as and compete for domination, the growth of online retail is also challenging the long-held reign of the shopping mall in the region. To put e-commerce in historical context, you might think of it as…

You Need to Know Social Entrepreneur and Crescent Enterprises CEO Badr Jafar

With his infectious enthusiasm and meticulous approach to creative solutions, Crescent Enterprises’ CEO Badr Jafar, makes changing the world look easy as pie. Envision the archetypal modern-day social entrepreneur: you’re likely conjuring a kind of capitalist Robin Hood, someone looking to solve humanity’s problems with creative and economically sound solutions,…

Augustinus Bader victoria beckham
Augustinus Bader Has A Winning Formula In More Ways Than One

Augustinus Bader is the latest miracle product to hit skincare shelves. The age-defying formula is being pegged as a game changer by a bevy of celebrities but is it also a case study in stellar marketing? Hollywood’s latest hit is not a movie. That’s the slogan being splashed across giant…

Palestine Yamsafer travel app tech Ramallah MENA Middle East Startup
Middle East-Based Yamsafer is Where You Might Get the Best Hotel Rates

Don’t get het up about our region’s poor infrastructure and political roadblocks: Palestine-based accommodation booking startup Yamsafer demonstrates success comes down to simply zoning in on opportunity. You might wonder why Yamsafer would want to compete against existing hotel booking sites. We all know them – powerful international sites promising…

Hana Debs Akkari Senteurs d’Orient natural beauty
Lebanon-Based Senteurs d’Orient is Taking its Luxury Soap Global

It’s been 18 years since Hana Debs Akkari launched Senteurs d’Orient’s divine collection of soaps, but the company’s founding principals are as fresh as ever. The bourgeoning brand was built on a reputation of making soaps the traditional way, using the finest natural ingredients and essential oils and fragrances, distilled…