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Hana Debs Akkari Senteurs d’Orient natural beauty
Lebanon-Based Senteurs d’Orient is Taking its Luxury Soap Global

It’s been 18 years since Hana Debs Akkari launched Senteurs d’Orient’s divine collection of soaps, but the company’s founding principals are as fresh as ever. The bourgeoning brand was built on a reputation of making soaps the traditional way, using the finest natural ingredients and essential oils and fragrances, distilled…

Lalique Silvio Denz
Lalique’s Chief Executive Silvio Denz is Making Crystal Cool Again

The name Lalique might conjure images of a glamorous bygone era, yet the company is making sure its creations fit right into our modern way of life. Projects like Damien Hirst’s Eternel butterfly panels and Zaha Hadid’s Crystal Architecture collection effectively relegate grandma’s dusty old crystal vases to the far…

Virgin Galactic Richard Branson
Virgin’s Richard Branson Still has Lots of Tricks up his Sleeve

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson ruled the skies with his airline. Now, the unconventional entrepreneur and philanthropist is aiming even higher. Sir Richard Branson could be forgiven for looking a little worn out. In the week prior up to our meeting, he visited Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, New Zealand, Los…

Tinder Sean Rad
The Game of Love is Forever Changed Thanks to This Tinder Founder

Founded just four years ago, Tinder has launched a slew of offshoot platforms – including the exclusive and secretive Tinder Select – and has forever changed the game of love. Like many good love stories, this one begins on a night out. It is spring 2012, and a group of…

Get to Know The Scottish Founder of Campbell Gray Hotels

GORDON CAMPBELL GRAY   WHY DID YOU BECOME AN HOTELIER? I first considered becoming an hotelier when, as a young boy we visited as a family a supposedly grand hotel, and I was struck as to how ordinary I thought it was compared to our own home, and I thought:…

Christie's auction luxury Michael Jeha Middle East
Here’s Why Business is Booming for Christie’s Middle East

Back in 2007, an untitled painting by Iraqi artist Dia Al Azzawi was sold at a Christie’s auction for 20,000 USD. Fast-forward nine years, and ‘Mawt (Your Wedding is Death)’ by the same artist, fetched a whopping 235,000 USD. That’s a significant and rapid rise in value by most accounts,…