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The Real Love Story Behind the Rug Company

Collaborating with such designers as Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, The Rug Company, spearheaded by Suzanne and Christopher Sharp, do not make modern rugs per se. Rather, they make beautifully handmade traditional ones that embrace a contemporary aesthetic. It isn’t every day that I get to interview a…

adrian zecha interview
Up Close and Personal with Aman Resorts’ Adrian Zecha

At the age of seventy-four, hotel magnate Adrian Zecha is an hotelier phenomenon, though he’s quick to dismiss it. Currently the executive chairman of Aman resorts and chairman of the luxury hotel management company GHM, Zecha, in a rare interview, talks to Nicolas Shammas about hotels, lifestyle and why he…

oil crisis producing countries Gulf
This is How Gulf Countries Will Cope When the Oil Runs Out

The most pertinent question for oil producing countries is what will happen when the oil is gone. But as some of the world’s largest oil producers, the Gulf countries have different ways to cope once the rigs stop pumping. Petroleum and economic expert Dr. Marwan Iskandar debates this issue. Those…