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John Lobb
These Handcrafted Shoes by John Lobb are the Epitome of Minimalism
May 30, 2019 admin

Founded in London in 1849, and acquired by Hermès in 1979, John Lobb currently has two Royal Warrants, owing to the fact it’s the shoemaker of choice for the Duke of Edinbergh and the Prince of Wales. That clearly speaks to the quality of their shoes but if you want the ultimate expression of their know-how then look no further their Marldons. This model has just one seam, which requires it to be made by hand around a wooden last using a single hide of calfskin that is then Goodyear welted to a leather sole. There’s no room for error and only Lobb’s most experienced craftsmen are able to make such a shoe. The price for this exceptionality? 1,800 USD.