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Baldi Bathtub rose quartz
These Bathtubs by Baldi are So Labour-Intensive that Only Three Exist so Far
April 10, 2019 Ziad Taha

Bathtubs may be prosaic objects but that doesn’t mean you need to settle on any old plastic or porcelain model. Set your sights a little higher by looking for something made of acrylic, resin or even cultured marble. And if you have the means, then why not also consider a rock crystal bathtub, such as the 1.15 million USD Rose Quartz model below, by Baldi Home Jewels.

“The 10 tonne block for this bathtub was sourced in Brazil and shipped to Italy, where it was then carved by hand. It took six months to sand it down and make it smooth on the inside, while the outside was intentionally left untouched to highlight the contrast between nature and workmanship,” says the company’s third generation CEO, Luca Baldi.

Let’s just hope though that, if you have a tub like this, it can soak your worries away.