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Beosound 2 Bang Bang & Olufsen rocket ship speaker
Bang & Olufsen's New Beosound 2 is at Your Beck and Call
April 18, 2019 Nicolas Shammas

Bang & Olufsen has updated its gorgeous cylindrical speaker, the Beosound 2, by adding Google Assistant and Apple Airplay 2 as built-in features. Much of the hardware remains the same, including the 3/4-inch tweeter that uses Acoustic Lens Technology to spread high frequencies around the room, the back-to-back 2-inch drivers providing midrange punch, and the adaptive technology that lets the 5.25-inch woofer feed off extra power from the three Class D amps for added bass. What’s new in this 2,250 USD version is that there are now five built-in mics, as well as acoustic echo cancelling tech so that Google Assistant never gets confused as to what is a sound coming from the speaker and what is a command from the consumer.

“We are on an exciting journey to bring the convenience of voice technology across the portfolio to our audience of design-conscious customers, who expect the highest standards in terms of sound and craftmanship. Considering that Beosound 2 with Google Assistant is the most powerful and best sounding voice-enabled speaker on the market today, this first step marks a solid commitment to our customers,” says B&O director, Petros Belimpasakis.