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Augustinus Bader rich cream
A Leading Stem Cell Scientist May Have Unearthed The Fountain of Youth
January 31, 2018 admin

We at Official Bespoke have been granted the worldwide exclusive to break the story on a miraculous new FDA-approved hydrogel developed by Dr. Augustinus Bader, a German doctor specialised in stem cell research. Originally developed to heal burn wounds in days, the patented erythropoietin-polymer releasing ointment is said to be a thoroughly ground-breaking cosmetic product due to the fact it has the power to accelerate cellular regeneration through the reactivation of endogenous stem cells.

Available in two different viscosities, depending on your preference or skin type, the benefits of Augustinus Bader’s cream are literally spelled out on the label: revive, rejuvenate and renew your skin.

With an official launch due for mid-February, you’ll soon find out about the roster of Hollywood stars that have been testing the product over the last year and judging by their endorsements, and the results from clinical trials, it only takes two weeks of regular application to see the difference. In just that short amount of time, you’ll have noticed how this cream rekindles a more youthful glow in your skin. It also treats ailments like psoriasis and eczema, and shrinks old scars and burns. What’s more, by buying this cream you’ll actually be helping others because the vast majority of profits are going to be channelled back to Dr. Bader’s Acqua research clinic in Leipzig, where it will fund stem cell research in the hope they find alternative treatments for burn victims.