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Classic Voyeur watch Ulysse Nardin
Ulysse Nardin's Surprisingly Explicit Automaton Watch Will Blow Your Mind
August 29, 2018 admin

There’s something a little disturbing yet undeniably cool about erotic automaton watches. At the end of the day though, their rarity, due in no small part to the incredible micro-engineering that goes into their mechanisms, combined with the many man-hours required to fabricate them, makes this hidden art of horlorgery inherantly collectible. But whereas most X-rated watches hide their scenes behind a cover, or position them on the caseback, this new 314,500 USD Classic Voyeur watch by Ulysse Nardin places its one front and centre on the dial.

It depicts two couples (individually hand sculpted in gold, with appropriately hinged and moving parts) engaging in different sexual acts that play out in time with the repeater’s chimes. “I know it can sound funny when you look at the watch, but it’s actually a good illustration of how we master craftsmanship,” says the company CEO, Patrick Pruniaux.