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This Clever Samsung Television Hides in Plain Sight by Doubling as Artwork
October 9, 2018 admin

We all love the full-on cinematic experience of watching a movie at home on a massive television but the problem is what to do with such an ugly eyesore when it’s not in use. Sure you can buy a disappearing custom console or hide your TV behind a sliding panel of sorts, but Samsung has come up with a simpler solution that effectively hides your screen in plain sight. It’s called Ambient Mode technology, it comes as standard on all their new QLED units, and it works by using your phone to capture a photo of the environment behind the TV and then re-creates a matching look on screen. Okay, so it works best if you’re hanging the TV on a brick wall but even if the wall is standard white, you can still choose to superimpose artworks or virtually “hang photos” on the wall, should you prefer. Furthermore, the TV can be set up to concurrently display pertinent information, such as weather reports or the news, or play music of your choice. And to complete the sleek illusion, Samsung has fitted the QLED’s, which range from 55 to 88 inches, with ‘One Visible Connection’ – a single super-slim wire that combines both power and AV into a barely noticeable 15 metre-long cable.

Price: 2,200 USD /