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Now you Can Design Your Own Orlebar Brown Swim Shorts
August 2, 2016 Nicolas Shammas

Timelessly flattering with an understated simplicity, Orlebar Brown trunks helped redefine how a man could dress at the beach when they launched in 2007. Now they’re doing it again, this time with a smart new ‘SnapShorts’ app that allows you to design your very own swimming shorts. Whether you’re inspired to wear a beach photo, a sketch, a pattern you’ve seen on your walk to work, a family memory or even a beautiful sunset, the choice is entirely yours. All you have to do is follow the app’s simple instructions to navigate the various customisation options, then wait three weeks for your unique one-off shorts to be delivered. Prices start at 525 USD.

Englishman Adam Brown, who founded Orlebar Brown, succinctly explained the secret of his success when he said, “I wanted to create a more tailored approach to men’s beach and swim shorts – something you can wear on the beach but then go for lunch in.” What makes OB so special is that they identified the key faults in men’s swimwear design and addressed them with a range of stylish, fast drying and grown up shorts that even James Bond is now wearing.