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Taking Globalism to Sartorial Heights, Amelia Brown Won't be Pigeonholed
August 29, 2018 admin

What do you get when you mix America, Mexico, India and the Middle East? The answer is a collection that transcends genres and categorisation. Born to a mother raised in Saudi Arabia in the 1950s, designer Amelia Brown grew up in Washington DC, but spent significant time learning Spanish and Arabic in places like Egypt, Tunisia and Seville. “We talk about cultures as monoliths so often, but cultural interchange has been going on for centuries,” she explains.

Inspired by artisanal craftsmanship, the collection is rich in Indian embroideries rendered on recognisable silhouettes that suggest Spanish Bolero jackets, Middle Eastern abayas and Japanese kimonos. And though Brown informs her ideas from rather traditional sources, the execution is clearly of-the-moment. “I design for a woman who knows herself and her style, appreciates culture, and will transform a look with her signature touch, be it combining an embroidered piece with well-worn denim, or toning down a rich look with minimal accessories,” she tells us.

Light years away from the current fashion scene zeitgeist − namely strong references to the recent past and a fascination with synthetic plastics − Amelia Brown is down to earth, authentic and reflects a more holistic approach to style.