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An Action-Packed Tribute to the Lebanese Armed Forces
August 7, 2018 admin

In his book Heart of the Nation, photographer Jeremy Chivers captures the heart and soul of the Lebanese Armed Forces. Shots captured over an intensive four-month period reveal the characters, the dedication and even some never-before seen military equipment.

Proceeds from the sale of the book go to LAF veterans. It is available now at Librairie Antoine and Virgin Megastore.

Special Forces Soldiers

Soldiers undergo the challenges of the Special Forces selection process. “It weeds out those who don’t have the right character for it,” Chivers explains.



A member of the Navy boards a Brazilian UNIFIL ship during a military exercise that involves checking cargo ships 4-5 kilometres offshore.


Lebanese Special Forces

An instructor at the selection process for the Special Forces jumps from one narrow wall to another, as Chivers observes from below. “It’s about confidence. Are you going to hesitate? Are you going to hold everybody up?” he says.


Intervention Regiment trains in Beirut

An Intervention Regiment trains in Beirut for riot control.


soldier patrols downtown Beirut

A soldier patrols downtown Beirut’s former Holiday Inn Hotel, destroyed during the Civil War. “I think this captures someone who’s seen a lot,” says Chivers.


M198 155mm howitzer

A gift from the US government, these M198 155mm howitzer were used extensively in the Arsal campaign during a confrontation with Daesh along the Lebanon-Syria border. “If you’re on the other end of this, it’s pretty demoralizing – you don’t know where they’re coming from or where they’re going to land,” remarks Chivers.


Super Tucanos

Another American gift, Super Tucanos are able to fly very low, over difficult mountain terrain. “What’s reassuring for soldiers on the ground is that if they’re in a difficult situation, these guys are twenty minutes away,” Chivers points out.


Air Assault Regiment exit their Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Soldiers from the Air Assault Regiment exit their Bradley Fighting Vehicle.


Jeremy Chivers LAF

Soldiers show off their capabilities during a demonstration for the Commander.