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Meet the Lebanese Composer Behind Some of Hollywood’s Greatest Movie Soundtracks

Gabriel Yared had me at “hello”. For a world-renowned multi-talented musical genius, Oscar-winner, international award winner, composer, captivating conductor and self-taught pianist, Lebanese-born Yared is modest, courteous, warm and an extremely likable individual. In short, this genuine human being is arguably one of this era’s most influential composers. Through his…

Saudi Arabic car Riyadh racers youth
The Gritty Truth Behind Riyadh’s First Unofficial Drag-Racing Club

Speed may be life’s most powerful addiction, especially when you have nothing but wide desert road before you. Warren Singh-Bartlett spends time with the controversial Riyadh drifters who have turned an underground adrenaline-charged diversion into a growing urban sport. When it comes to cars, I am profoundly ignorant. I couldn’t…