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Indispensable (Apr/May 2017)




Our April/May 2017 – Indispensable Issue – we shed the light on the things, people and ideas that appeal to us on so many planes we’re utterly hooked. We start off with a product literally no one can live without, the smartphone, and ask Google’s CEO just what he means when he says his company is thinking post-mobile. Then we meet the brothers behind The Kooples, whose collections feature staples for everyday cool before Michael Jeha, the Managing Director of Christie’s Middle East, tells us why art is integral part of a balanced society, which leads us to find our own inner-balance with an escape to the car-free, eco-friendly Vigilius Mountain Resort for a much-needed breath of fresh air. Then it’s off to London’s inner city Shoreditch district for a stay at the newly opened (and always right) Four Seasons Hotel. And in between trips to the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart (to find out they credit their design department for helping them reach top spot in luxury car sales), a race up to Jebel Jais (with the family in tow in a Ferrari GTLusso) and a cruise (on a very compact little ‘super’ yacht), we also ask eight highly influential global personalities what they find indispensable in their every day lives.