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Dream (Apr/May 2018)




Our April/ May 2018 – Dream issue – We all have a dream, it’s just that some of us make them a reality. Meet some visionary people who’ve defied convention and are changing the world as we know it like Hassan Damluji, head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Middle East relations. We’re talking about things that don’t even seem possible like Neom city, Saudi Arabia’s astonishing new megacity project that will cost $500 billion, be powered solely with wind and solar power and have its own utopian, liberal rules.  You’ll meet the designers behind Azzi & Osta, whose fate changed the night Beyonce wore their custom black gown to a 2018 Grammy Awards gala party, and come along as we stay at the heavenly Bulgari Hotel in Dubai. You’ll be awed by Alfa Romeo’s new Stelvio SUV and the brand’s inspiring comeback, then climb aboard an amazing yacht that will have you fantasizing about chucking your day job and travelling around the world. For a little extra kick, we offer you our OMG supplement- a cheeky overview at some of those less conventional ideas that will have you daydreaming in no time.