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Hard Truth (Feb/Mar 2018)




The Hard Truth Issue- Things aren’t always what they seem. Scratch the surface a little and you might be surprised at what you’ll find behind some the greatest ideas, products and places. Interior Designer Martin Lawrence Bullard may seem like he’s effortlessly decorating the homes of Hollywood stars one at a time, but in fact, there’s been plenty of drama along the way. Think Dubai is all about ostentatious development? Pritzker-prize winning RCR Architect’s modernist residential tower in Palm Jumeirah proves otherwise. And sure, a trip to northern Scandinavia to see those fabled Northern Lights may sound like a fairytale, but getting there is another story. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s so worth it- just like reading this issue, because you’ll also find out exactly what the luxury watch industry is up to in Dubai, thanks to our special Dubai Watch Week supplement.